Women May Have a Greater Attraction to Tattooed Men

Are women more attracted to men with some body art? According to a recent article published in the British online newspaper The Independent, it may be so. Using research provided by a dating app called Type, a survey showed that just over sixty percent of women had a preference for men with tattoos. Interestingly, the research also shows the preference remains true even among those seeking a same-sex partner.

Per The Independent article, previous research has also revealed that women have a tendency of looking more favorably on men with body art, associating these individuals with qualities such as masculinity and being in good health.

According to the Type research, the opposite isn’t so much in the case, with nearly forty percent of men being attracted to women boasting tattoos.

The social stigma surrounding tattoos continues to disappear as they gain mainstream acceptance among people from all walks of life. Would you be more inclined to date someone with body art? Feel free to share your opinion.

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