What Your Tattoo Might Be Saying

As tattoos continue to gain mainstream acceptance, they are also attracting the attention of scientists seeking to understand the reasons why people to choose to get them and how they are perceived. A recent study by researchers at Anglia Ruskin University has come up with some things your tattoo might be conveying to the world.

You’re an extrovert who seeks experiences. Extroverts typically find strong energy participating in social activities. These people are approachable and engaging individuals. On that note, you may also be the type of person who is always looking for experiences that provide a sense of thrill and adventure, a free spirit perhaps.

You’re one of a kind. The study showed that tattooed individuals feel a greater need to convey their uniqueness. This finding correlates with tattoos being considered a form of self-expression.

It’s important to remember that the findings are not necessarily universal. You may be an introvert who also happens to like getting inked, for example. The study does provide a fascinating look into how tattoos shape us as individuals.

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