The Emergence of Elbow Tattoos

Breaking from the traditional areas such as the arms or back, the knees are becoming a popular place to get some ink done. Also joining that list are the elbows, with designs such as massive red roses and elaborate mandalas becoming preferred choices.

Much like the knees, however, the elbows are not a good choice for anyone who is already squeamish about getting a tattoo or prefers not to withstand the pain often associated with the more sensitive areas. Not only are the elbows especially painful, they are also known for potentially taking longer to heal than most tattoos. Proper tattoo aftercare is absolutely essential to achieve an end result and on top of that, the location may make it harder to accomplish simple tasks or get work done.

If you’re considering an elbow tattoo, the consensus seems to be that certain designs are better suited to the area. Patterns in a circular design, spider webs, or floral motifs might be good options to achieve the best result.

This update is by Steve Santacruz a Miami tattoo artist and the owner of Empire Tattoo, where the motto is “one client at a time”. Santacruz takes pride in providing his clients a welcoming environment and exceptional quality work that speaks for itself. He currently has locations in Miami Beach, Fort Lauderdale, Boca Raton, and downtown Miami. For contact information or to learn more about Steve Santacruz tattoos, please call 305-397-8050 or visit his main office at 710 Washington Avenue in Miami Beach.

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