Tattoo Cover Ups at No Cost

Tattoos can often be used for great causes. For example, the attacks that happened earlier this year in Manchester spurred tattoo artists to start inking bumblebee tattoos in an effort to show solidarity and raise funds for the victims.

In keeping with the same noble causes, a couple of tattoo artists at Sick Side Tattoo & Body Piercing Studio in Mississippi are using their talents to help former gang members cover up their gang-related or racist artwork. A non-profit called C.H.A.N.G.E. recently teamed up with the local artists as part of a campaign called Erase the Hate. The effort is not only promoting positivity, it is a viable alternative for individuals who wish to have their gang or racist artwork removed but cannot afford the high cost of laser tattoo removal surgery.

While it depends heavily on the tattoo, today’s experienced tattoo artists can potentially do wonders in covering up a tattoo or tweaking it to something a client may like better. If you’re interested in covering up a tattoo, get in touch.

This update is by Steve Santacruz a Miami tattoo artist and the owner of Empire Tattoo, where the motto is “one client at a time”. Santacruz takes pride in providing his clients a welcoming environment and exceptional quality work that speaks for itself. He currently has locations in Miami Beach, Fort Lauderdale, Boca Raton, and downtown Miami. For contact information or to learn more about Steve Santacruz tattoos, please call 305-397-8050 or visit his main office at 710 Washington Avenue in Miami Beach.

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