Steve Santacruz’s Empire Ink has hit a growth spurt this year.

Steve Santacruz PictureWithin this last year, he has opened multiple locations and brought Home the award for Best of Miami 2018; to his flagship location in South Beach (710 Washington Ave #5 305-763-8122).

Steve Santacruz was born 1983, in the heart and soul of New York City; “Queens.” The son of 2 hardworking Colombian parents, his father enlisted with the U.S Army at a young age. He instilled in Steve a militant attitude, disciplined behavior with that old school tough love his community re-enforced.

Exposed to the hustle and bustle of NYC, Steve Santacruz adapted his up North work ethic to a down South market. Pursuing businesses other than tattooing, Steve started off following the trail of success; wherever it may lead.

Steve Santacruz found tattooing to be not only very lucrative but personally satisfying. This made him uniquely qualified to really make some serious moves within that industry.  With locations in Miami Beach, Downtown Miami, Fort Lauderdale, and Boca Raton; Empire is poised to take over! Check out his newest creation at 284 NE 2nd St in Miami. Their number is (786) 615-9115

Steve’s deep appreciation for his country is reflected in the jobs and opportunities he’s provided to its citizens. Steve Santacruz is not limited to the artistic world and values new projects as they present themselves.

After a decade, Steve has refined his Empire to the point where he is currently taking it to new levels. The chaotic relationship between artists and business has become symbiotic under Steve’s leadership.

His vision for Empire is one that includes every major city in the world- think Tony Stark of the tattoo game. Involved with key figures to collaborate on various projects, Steve Santacruz is always open to growth and expansion. To learn more, visit empireinklifestyle’s website or Steve’s instagram.

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