How Tattoos Help with Insecurities

If you’re an Instagram user, you may be familiar with Kevin Creekman, also known as The Creekman. He maintains a strong following on Instagram and also works as a German model when he isn’t busy posting pictures. One thing you’ll also notice about him is the extensive amount of tattoos throughout his body, which tell a story worth sharing.

Creekman suffered from obesity as a child, weighing more than 300 pounds at one point and resulting in plenty of bullying. Despite dealing with weight issues and shyness, Creekman took the initiative of turning his life around, losing over 150 pounds and turning to tattoos. To become more comfortable with his body after dealing with the scars left behind to remove excess skin, Creekman began tattooing the scars, saying he felt less insecure the more he got. While the sessions were painful, Creekman powered through it and thanks to his Instagram and his own self-confidence, The Creekman is more popular than ever, he has a new lease on life, and he has overcome his shyness.

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