Be Wary of Black Henna Tattoos

Are you thinking about trying out one of the black henna tattoos that are painted on your skin when traveling abroad? You may wish to reconsider. These tattoos may end up leaving you with a permanent scar and may even cause allergic reactions. Also known as “neutral henna” tattoos, these tattoos are typically elaborate patterns … Continued

A Different Take on Temporary Tattoos

If there is one thing most people know about getting tattoos it’s the fact that getting one is a lifelong commitment. As people age and go through changes in life, attitudes towards their body art may change. Since there’s no way to predict the future, it’s imperative that people are sure of their decision to … Continued

The Emergence of Elbow Tattoos

Breaking from the traditional areas such as the arms or back, the knees are becoming a popular place to get some ink done. Also joining that list are the elbows, with designs such as massive red roses and elaborate mandalas becoming preferred choices. Much like the knees, however, the elbows are not a good choice … Continued

Try a Tattoo Design Without Getting Inked

Tattoo regret is, unfortunately, a very real thing. Hence, it can never be stressed enough just how imperative it is to take the time, do the research, and think carefully about your decision to get inked. Thanks to today’s technology, experiencing what it’d be like to get a tattoo for the first time can be … Continued

Think Carefully About Your Tattoo Decision

By now you probably know that a tattoo is a lifelong decision that requires plenty of forethought to reduce the odds of regret. However, with the greater number of people getting one there are also more people who do end up regretting their decision. While having a tattoo removed has become more effective and continues … Continued

Always Take the Proper Steps to Heal Your Skin

For those of us living in South Florida, the beckoning of the beach is always hard to resist. As we wind down the spring and approach the sultry temperatures of the summer, more of us will be spending a weekend catching some rays and staying cool on the ocean. However, if you’re planning on getting … Continued

Visiting Japanese Hot Springs? Be Aware

Tattoos continue to gain wider acceptance, but there are still instances where they’re considered something of a no-no. One of these places is in Japan. No, not all of Japan, it’s only certain areas in Japan where having a tattoo could cause trouble. Specifically, the onsens are where a tattoo might get you banned. Onsens … Continued

An Artistic Alternative to a Wedding Ring

Former soccer player and tattoo enthusiast David Beckham is well-known for his numerous and elaborate tattoos. Last year, he gained some attention after showing yet another tattoo, this one drawn around his wedding ring finger. It appears Beckham may have caused a surge of interest in these types of wedding ring finger tattoos, leading to … Continued

Don’t Let Celebrities Influence Your Tattoo

When it comes to tattoos, there are generally two types of people: the ones who admire them and the ones who hate them. Despite gaining greater acceptance, many people have the wrong idea regarding tattoos, failing to understand that many people choose to get them for their meaning. Take for example someone like retired soccer … Continued