An Artistic Alternative to a Wedding Ring

Former soccer player and tattoo enthusiast David Beckham is well-known for his numerous and elaborate tattoos. Last year, he gained some attention after showing yet another tattoo, this one drawn around his wedding ring finger.

It appears Beckham may have caused a surge of interest in these types of wedding ring finger tattoos, leading to a trend where numerous couples decide to get creative about showing their devotion to one another. Designs have ranged from initials to Roman numerals to Star Wars, skeletons, and yes, even hashtags. Other couples have chosen to keep their designs simple by opting for a no-frills black band.

The ring tattoos are an alternative for couples who may have trouble at consistently wearing their wedding rings. It also allows the couples to be a little more creative about how they choose to express their devotion to one another versus the traditional wedding band.

Do you have a wedding ring finger tattoo? If so, what were your motivations for having it done versus wearing the standard wedding band?

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