A Different Take on Temporary Tattoos

If there is one thing most people know about getting tattoos it’s the fact that getting one is a lifelong commitment. As people age and go through changes in life, attitudes towards their body art may change. Since there’s no way to predict the future, it’s imperative that people are sure of their decision to get inked.

Then again, you could get an idea of what a tattoo might be like by checking out Easy.ink which bills itself as the solution for those looking to express themselves through art without the lifelong commitment typically attached to it.

Easy.ink has come up with a patch that will allow a tattoo to remain on your skin temporarily for about two weeks, longer than what the average temporary tattoo lasts. The patch utilizes an adhesive that’s hypoallergenic while the ink is organic and made from Jagua fruit. The process is very much like applying a temporary tattoo: the patch is applied and kept on for a couple of hours before it’s removed, revealing a tattoo that only the wearer knows is temporary.

As a Kickstarter project, Easy.ink isn’t selling its tattoo patches and designs just yet, but you can help it become a reality by backing the project. What do you think of this unique take on temporary tattoos?

This update is by Steve Santacruz a Miami tattoo artist and the owner of Empire Tattoo, where the motto is “one client at a time”. Santacruz takes pride in providing his clients a welcoming environment and exceptional quality work that speaks for itself. He currently has locations in Miami Beach, Fort Lauderdale, Boca Raton, and downtown Miami. For contact information or to learn more about Steve Santacruz tattoos, please call 305-397-8050 or visit his main office at 710 Washington Avenue in Miami Beach.

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