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Steve Santacruz

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Mister Empire

Ever since Steve could remember Art has always been his outlet. He recalls drawing for hours at a time. It was his escape. He began tattooing professionally, at the first Empire Ink, in 2010. His style is a versatile black and grey mixed with freehand, adding elements of realism and pop art. One of his greatest strengths is the ability to understand the vision of his clients and draw it on their skin. No tattoo is too small nor complicated for him. He fundamentally comprehends the commitment in getting tattooed and respects each canvas. He has spent time in places such as Italy, Australia, Colombia, Virgin Islands, etc seeking inspiration as well as growth. As CEO, Steve strives to push the envelope through extensive travel & networking. Catch him if you can.

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How I built an Empire

At Empire Tattoo, we know that for tattoo aficionados, the body is a sacred canvas. We stand behind the quality work we do, which is why our tattoo artists have numerous years of proven experience working with a long list of clients on everything from full body tattoos to sleeves, or something small that you’d rather keep private and has some kind of cherished meaning to you.


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